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Officer Training

Many companies boast of the training their officers receive, but few companies actually provide practical training for its security officers. Training programs can only be measured by the results of the efforts exerted in their implementation, and how those results prove to be of value to our clients.

Ameritex draws on industry experts and proven programs to develop what we believe to be the best program in the area. New Security Officers begin their studies in the classroom with training films complete with testing, and once assigned to a facility, every officer continues to learn throughout their career; in-services field manuals, review films, and updates. The training and learning never ends!

Ameritex places great value in its training concepts and draws on proven programs to help the development of our officers and staff. We believe that we could reinvent the wheel and produce in-house training programs, but with the constant changes in security best practices we believe we can be more flexible by using training materials from industry experts.


The following topics are commonly used for all non-experienced new hired staff:

  • Basic Orientation
  • Fire Prevention
  • Communications & Reports
  • Techniques of Patrol
  • Public Relations
  • Client Relations
  • Safety
  • Defensive Driving
  • Hazardous Material Handling

Officers will be routinely be retrained on these topics.


We provide classroom instruction to introduce the new security officer to the following basic information:

Customer Specific Information

  • Location of Facility and General Layout
  • Reason for Security Personnel  
  • Types of Post Assignment and Duties
  • Reporting Procedures & Report Writing
  • General Procedures
  • Safety and security overview
  • Parking, Security office, Shift changes, etc.
  • Basic Emergency Procedures (Fire-Life Safety, Bomb Threats, etc.)

Ameritex Guard Services

  • Chain of command
  • Contractual relationship with Client
  • Rules, Regulations, & Company Policy
  • Appearance and Conduct
  • Pay and Personal benefits
  • First Aid & CPR Training (as required)


The on-site orientation (OJT) training of new security officers will be conducted by an experienced officer or supervisor. Length of training will be determined on an individual basis.  Training will encompass those subjects necessary to satisfactorily perform the functions of a Security Officer. Site Specific training and responsibilities will include, but not be limited to the following:

Security Officer:

  • Protect Client against sabotage, property damage, arson, theft, and trespass
  • Access Control
  • Determining threat situations against persons and property
  • Actions authorized during threat situations
  • Lighting assessments and reports
  • Identification Control
  • Fire and Life Safety Procedures
  • Alarm Response
  • Internal and External Access
  • Operation and monitoring of CCTV
  • Daily reports

Field Supervisors:

All Field Supervisors will receive the same basic and site training plus the following additional eight (8) hour Supervisory Training Program:

  • Public Relations
    • Public Speaking
    • Interaction with the Public
    • Interfacing with Clients and Employees
  • Managing Emergency Situations
  • Supervision
    • Inspections
    • Training
    • Documentation
    • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Problem Solving
    • Problem Recognition
    • Issue Analysis
    • Course of Action Plan
    • Implementing Procedures
  • Staffing
    • Analysis
    • Efficiency
    • Retention of Personnel


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