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About Us - Our History

As with many companies, Ameritex Guard Services began with the vision of a single person, a single customer and a handful of security officers all willing to stake their reputation on making the vision a success.

Ameritex was established from the vision of our company president, Liana A. Marquis, who believes a security company should represent professionalism and service to the customer. From the first officers who served at our first customer location Ameritex has maintained this belief and tradition. The image, professionalism, dedication and management of our personnel have been the cornerstone of our success.

It is easy for a company to claim they have principals and traditions but most security providers grow by acquiring other companies and using their client base to expand their business. Ameritex believes in organic growth. This is accomplished by building a relationship with the customer, understanding their needs and delivering the service mutually agreed upon. Some may call this “old fashioned”, we call it the right way to conduct business.

In a time when companies hire employees for the lowest possible wage, provide the least amount of training and supervision possible and squeeze every cent possible in profit by reducing overhead, Ameritex has a different approach. We firmly believe that customers should get everything possible from their security dollar. Ameritex is willing to make the necessary investment for a successful relationship. While we are conservative and do not allow wasteful spending, we do not hesitate to spend money when necessary. Many of our customers can attest when something is necessary for an officer to perform his or her duties; Ameritex provides what is required without hesitation.

While personnel and equipment are necessary to accomplish the tasks set forth, our management team is what makes the difference. Ameritex appoints a qualified manager and company executive to oversee each project. It is the responsibility of these personnel to ensure we meet the standards of service. This is accomplished through regular and frequent contact with our employees and frequent inspections of job performance. This is further accomplished by frequent formal and informal contact with the customer. Ameritex prefers to be considered a Pro-Active company instead of a Reactive company.

Ameritex Guard Services is the best solution for customers who seek a provider that places a high value on their needs, budget and long-term goals. Ameritex is not for everyone, but we are the right choice for customers who want a strong partnership with a quality security services provider.


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